Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College is a public community college in Pasadena, California and is better known as PCC. It was established in the year 1924 as Pasadena junior college.

After going through a number of transformational exercises and it was rechristened as Pasadena City College in 1954.

It is the third biggest community college campus in the United States. Around 40,000 students are enrolled in the college. So far as educational quality is concerned, PCC is regarded as one of the best community colleges in California. It gets evident from the fact that PCC stands at second place in California in terms of the number of students getting transferred to the four-year university education system. Almost every department of the college contributes to this.

Various departments of the college like the math department, the visual arts department, the music department, the product design department groom the students for further studies.

The product design department is in fact one of only two product design departments in the community college system of California. In the same way, there is another program called the emergency medical technician program which gets counted in the top rankings in California.

That way, almost every department of the college has its own achievements. Infrastructural support also plays a big role. Students enrolled here have access to some exceptional facilities. To begin with, the Pasadena city college has very good physical infrastructure.

It has, in fact its own observatory, which is definitely a rarity for a community college. Moreover, PCC has a number of other onsite and offsite facilities. Its two offsite facilities include the child development center and the community education center. The college has its governance principles in place to take care of everything.

A board of trustees governs the college. It has nine members. Out of nine, seven are elected members. Each of them comes from a specific geographical area of the Pasadena area Community College District. Another one is student trustee, a representative of the student body. Last one is the sitting college president, who is by default the district superintendent.

All these people centralize the resources of the college to achieve the mission of PCC. The mission of Pasadena City College says- “Student success, our top priority”.