Physical Therapy is a lucrative profession

Career in Physical therapy or Physiotherapy is quite in demand in US, Australia and Canada. Physical Therapy is a science which deals with bones, joints and muscles involving diagnosing, managing and treating the disorders associated with it. The disability in bones can be due to aging, accident or physical trauma.

Role of a physical therapist:
Physical therapist treats patients with disability, movement dysfunction, and physical disorder. Health affliction  such as neck and spine injuries, cerebral palsy, head injuries, fractures,recovery from stroke etc. find healing through physical therapy. They have a defined role towards physically challenged people suffering from degenerative disorders like arthritis, neurological disorders and sports-persons with pulled up and strained muscle.  Motivating patients to physical exercise and bring positive result in their efforts is tedious and challenging.

The accident victims with fractured bones and who are disabled can get back to active work and life with rehabilitative process; under the guidance and treatment of a physical therapist. Physical therapy is mostly in conjunction with other treatments; thus their interaction with other professionals such as physicians, dentist, audiologists, nurses etc, is essential.

A child with cerebral palsy is guided to physical therapist to bring a change in child’s life by improving the mobility, flexibility, function and co-ordination of muscles.One can specialize in areas such as geriatrics, orthopedic, neurological, sports, pediatric to name a few. The mode of treatment rendered by physical therapist involves heat radiation, massages, tractions, water therapy and diathermy.

Job opportunities:
As a physical therapist one can work in hospitals, clinics or can set up a private practice with special equipments needed for treating or rehabilitating patients. Sports persons have a great requirement for physical therapist. Most of them even have a personal physical therapist to attend to their regular wear and tear of muscle and treat their injuries.

It is a demanding job; require patience and physical stamina to work for long hours. But it is rewarding to be in this field, nothing is more satisfying than to bring smile on suffering victims when you help them find mobility by relieving their pain and stress. It is really challenging but gratifying too.

It is lucrative to be physical therapist which has great openings .The job opportunity is excellent surpassing other healthcare occupations, a thriving profession for sure!