Police Academies and how to apply

Tough times begin as soon as you decide to embark on the profession of a police officer. The career demands good academic background along with sharp mental and physical alertness. However, it just doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning. Once you clear the initial rounds including the final interview, you are required to spend the first few months training at the police academy.

In the United States of America, there are police academies formed in every state and at the federal level. The police academy in every state is dedicated to providing relevant training to all the aspiring police officers. People who meet specific requirements in terms of both physical as well as mental are selected to be trained at the academy. In some states, the police department takes over the responsibility of selecting cadets for the academy; while in others, the cadets are chosen by the police academy itself.

In the state of Michigan, any person opting for the career of police officer has to be certified by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards or MCOLES. It is important to clear the physical fitness exam and the reading and writing exam conducted prior to the selection. Selection also depends on the applicant’s police record. In case a criminal record is found against any applicant, his/her application is immediately rejected.

In Florida the law enforcement officers have to be certified by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. This governing body is authorized by the governor of the state. The applicants are expected to clear a written exam. Being a law enforcement officer requires a compulsory training certificate. This is done every four years and includes completing 40 hours of training.

Once training at police academy is completed, all the candidates have to take the MCOLES test. If they successfully clear the test, they are given the go ahead to seek jobs as law enforcement officers. The candidates can also take the help of agencies. They are given one year to find themselves suitable jobs. If their job search runs into the next year, they have to take a two week course which again makes them eligible for law enforcement jobs for a year.