Political Science – A Popular Choice Of Study

Even though, Political Science is named as a ‘science’ it still can be considered a part of humanities.

Therefore it is rightly known as a section of Social Sciences. This field of study deals with the theory and practice of the political system as a whole.

This academic field of study tries to understand the process of decision making in the midst of political power transfer and acquisition. It also analyses the political behavior of the different governments, international institutions and also studies the many public policies made by nations.

Mainly political science is studied under three categories – Comparative politics, Politics as a philosophy, and international relations. In comparative politics, a scholar learns about different types of constitutions, legislatures and even about popular political activists.

When politics is studied as a philosophy, the scholar understands the reasons behind a perfect government and legal environment prevalent in a state. And under international relations, the scholar can get more information about the political environment and the relationship existing between different states and even nations.

Political science also studies the relationship between political activities and political conditions. Based on the information, it then finds out the many principles of the political world.

In order to collect information about the different political activities, political science depends on both primary and secondary sources of information. Political science also interacts with other fields of studies such as public policy, history, legal studies, international relations, economics etc.

Political science is an academic field of study & is offered as a Bachelor of Arts degree program or as a Masters of Arts degree program. Similarly there is immense scope of research in political science.

A scholar can choose from a variety of specializations for political science major, such as – population studies, American government, Global politics etc.

A degree in political science can offer you many opportunities such as a secured career in federal or state government, nonprofit organizations, as a political scientist for corporate and research institutes, as a journalist, as an instructor in education sector, as a political expert for political parties, as a lobbyists etc.

In USA, few popular Universities which offer excellent courses in political science include – Harvard University, University of California, University of Oklahoma, University of Colorado, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan etc.