Postgraduate Studies In Denmark

Master’s Degree: There are more than 100 programs available to study master’s degree at universities in Denmark. Some of them are offered by research universities, while others are available at specialist universities in Denmark. Most of these programs are taught in English.

In addition, all the courses at the master level have a strong association research developments in their respective fields. Thus, it is easily possible to continue Phd after any master’s degree program. You can choose programs in traditional fields like business and technology. Otherwise, you can opt to study more specialised and revolutionary programs such as nano technology, food science, environmental studies etc.

Master degree programs can be of a 1 or 2 year duration. However, most of them are of two years duration. Most of the master’s degree programs evaluate your subjects at the bachelor’s level prior to giving admission. A work experience of a couple of years is an added incentive.

Some of the universities in Denmark offering the 2 years masters’ degree also allow students to complete their studies in one year.  They mete out the postgraduate diploma in these cases. There are many 1 year master’s degree in Denmark also; like the MBA. Most of these degree’s allow students to work part time.

The candidatus degree is awarded after completion of five years of study. So, after the bachelor’s degree you have to complete two more years of study. Only a few candidates programs last longer than 2 years. Some of them are the program in medicine which has a duration of 3 years and Veterinary Medicine with a duration of 2.5 years. Independent research study is a vital feature of all cadidatus programs. This special master’s thesis published is very important and requires in depth studies of full 6 months.

Phd Degree: To you want to pursue Phd studies, ensure that you have a Master’s degree that is recognised by universities in Denmark. The Phd degree is given after a duration of 3 years. So, you should have completed at least 8 years of study to acquire a Phd degree. They require students to conduct research, participate in research courses, undertake teaching, etc. They also have to complete a thesis by the end of the course.

This thesis should be developed independently after application of scientific methodology; and it has to be defended in public.  Students are required to dedicate at least 6 months of study in this thesis. There are also a few esteemed doctoral degrees. These are awarded to a few mature researchers who engage in about 5-8 years of research study.