Preparing an Effective Resume

As a graduate from any college or university, the first, most important business letter you would have to write would be an application for a job.

And if you are presently employed in a job, you probably would have a desire to find a better job; that special job where you will be rewarded with good pay and praise for your contribution to the team.

But one must know, such a job does not come easy. For almost everybody, finding their first job takes in a lot of effort, as it lays the first stepping stone of your career.  A job that will allow you to utilize and put in practice your newly acquired skills and knowledge is very difficult to find, as finding a job is not difficult, but finding the right job is.

All too often, people are not actually aware of what they want their jobs to be like until they are in the middle of an interview process. One must realize that out in the market your competition is with the ones who have already made their decision. It is important that you spend some time with yourself to assess and evaluate your capabilities, as to who you are and what you want to do.

After you have undergone a self assessment and are sure as to which direction you are heading towards, the next most important step towards your desirable job is the resume preparation.

As an applicant you may be the most eligible and suitable match for a job position but if you cannot communicate your qualifications and skills clearly through your resume, you may never reach the desired position. A clear and descriptive resume is like your marketing tool, one should use it to their utmost advantage. It should portray you in the most favorable manner possible.

Several good resumes cross employers’ desks every day, your resume may not be given more than a minute. That’s why your resume should be good enough to kindle the employer’s interest and make an impression. Make sure that your resume tells only the truth and is not deceptive, as it will be read carefully and thoroughly by an interested employer.

Also it should not be too descriptive as by including too much information, it may kill the employer’s interest to know more and generate an interview. Be careful that your resume is only a factual report about your qualifications that is intended to fetch you a job and that you do not include your life history in it.  Employers are looking for capabilities, so write your achievements keeping in mind the needs of the employer.

Once you describe your yourself, your capabilities and strengths, you would definitely reach where you want to.