Preparing for Examinations – Pointers You Don’t Often Get

When people talk about exam preparation they only lay stress on how to study, waking long hours, taking copious notes and revising. The tell you little about the demands that are made on you physically, emotionally and psychologically.

While your performance in the examination can be improved or rectified, there is much more lasting damage done to the self through neglect during the exams. Here are some simple tips that will keep you balanced through your examinations, and also help you fare better, consequently.

Eat : It is important to eat good food on time. The attention that you require to study long hours merits that you give yourself the right kinds of food in adequate amounts. Eat more vitamins and nourishing foods. Have plenty of fruits and make sure you have at least five almonds everyday.

Stretch : Take a break and give the body a good stretch. If you can manage to take about half an hour to play a sport, work out, or even get out for a brisk walk or jog, do it. The body needs circulation of blood, fresh air and recreation to keep the pace of your studying sustained. Give yourself some time to enjoy some music or art.

Sleep : This is most vital for the body. Sleeping only four hours for nights  before the examination will only leave you suffering extreme fatigue. You are more likely to suffer a blackout during the examination. Instead, keep a decent number of hours aside and get some rest. Sleep early and wake up early if you need some extra time to prepare before the examination.

Rest : It is important to assimilate what you have learnt. Loading the mind with too much information will only lead the mind to pack up. It cannot process more than it’s capacity. After a lesson, large piece of information or every few hours, take some time out. Lie down and close your eyes. Let the mind absorb all that it has learnt. It will also help you remember and memorize better. This has been proven to lead to better recall.

Pay a little more attention to the details of your body and study activity, and you will make a greater success of your examinations.