Prerequisites for Nursing Classes

Whenever you are thinking of getting admitted into a good college program, you should always remember that there are certain prerequisites which you must fulfill.

The same goes for nursing programs. If you want to enroll for a good nursing program, then you must fulfill certain prerequisites. You can decide on the college depending on the prerequisites asked by that college. If you have already decided on the school of your choice, then you can always check out the prerequisites well in advance.

You can start the application process without thinking too much about the prerequisites as you just cannot keep on waiting for your classes to finish. When the grades come in, you can just send them to the colleges for furthering your application.

There are some colleges which allow you to complete the required prerequisites along with your nursing studies but it is always a good idea to complete your prerequisites first before embarking on your nursing studies. In this way you can concentrate solely on the nursing classes only.

The exact prerequisites will actually depend on the program of study and the college into which you are seeking admission. Generally the prerequisites for nursing classes would be Statistics, Chemistry, Physiology, Human Anatomy, Nutrition and Microbiology.

There are some colleges, though, which can also ask for Psychology and Sociology also. Some other might ask for a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation certificate.

The name of the nursing program can also vary from place to place and from college to college. Be sure to speak to the guidance counselor before you start the application process.

Speak with the counselor to clear any doubts about the prerequisites that you may have. He/she will be too eager to help you out. Always try to get good grades in those courses that will act as prerequisites for your nursing program.

The nurses are in great demand in the medical profession. People with proper training and good education are always welcome in this field. So the scope to build on a good career after the completion of the nursing program is simply immense. So the trick is to do well in the prerequisites so that you can get admitted into a good nursing college later on.