Pros And Cons Of Placing Children In ESL Classes

Pros And Cons Of Placing Children In ESL Classes ESL classes i.e. the English as second language classes are for educating students, whose first language is other than English. As a parent, while considering from the amongst various ESL classes, you would naturally want to judge the suitability of such ESL classes for your child? Even for students and individuals from different nations, taking up courses or jobs in United States, enrolling with ESL classes is an option. Well learning of any sorts has an impact on all and thus ESL classes too would have an impact. The question now is what the impact will be?

I Am An Outsider

Whoever does not speaks English fluently in United States, feels that he or she is an outsider. Being here, for work or study or whatever reason, you must know English. It is the native language of majority population and thus for communication purposes, English is the preferred language. Enrolling and learning English from ESL classes will do away with the outsider feeling. Learning good English will not only help excel in studies or setup business in US, but will also assist in fostering personal relationships. Children, who will learn the language at an early stage, will be at ease in pursuing whatever ambition.

Platform To Mingle With Learners From Diverse Cultures

Students who enroll with ESL classes are usually from different countries and thus cultures, who for some reason are now in United States to stay. These students bring with them their cultural and societal norms. Studying with such a diverse group is in itself a learning experience. Being with community is an enriching feel which no longer leaves any scope for the outsider tag. In fact the experience really sharpens the learner’s people’s skills.

All Are Equal

Students of ESL classes are typically poor at English and thus while studying there is equality. In the classes nobody is scholarly superior or inferior. All have access to the same resources and stand at par. Besides these classes have a dedicated purpose – ‘learning English’. Thus there is no chaos or distractions of any sort. These classes, have a specific approach and thus they deploy all means to assist learner’s learn the language. In fact students can get proficient in English, so much so that they can perform better than others who have known English as their first language.

Creating A Bar

While on one hand learning English eliminates the barrier, being at ESL classes for long hours, and communicating only with those who study here, creates a divide. Often students of ESL classes end up socializing only amongst themselves. An unintentional veil is created which separates this group from the society. Perhaps a deliberate effort is thus needed to spare reasonable time from classes and other pursuits and thus pay attention to other group activities.

Starting fresh in a new country is difficult, especially if you do not know the language. In United States, not knowing English will really be a barrier. Thus make sure that your children or for that matter you become a part of ESL classes and make most of the positive effects.

meenakshi ahuja

Freelance Writer