Pros & Cons Of A Roommate In A Dorm

Pros & Cons Of A Roommate In A Dorm It is a generational rite of passage if you leave your home for college. It can be a difficult time for you in context of emotional and financial matter. Nowadays for students, dorm is the most common choice as it is not at all expensive, like if you own a private apartment, it will cost you much more.

On top of that, if you find yourself alone for the first time in a private apartment then it will become really challenging and on the other side living with your room mates will be good. At least you will have somebody to pass the time and to talk. Sometimes the real dorm life does not match your expectations and it becomes really tough to cooperate with your room mate.

It also offers the amazing college experience with rambunctious hallways, crowded bathrooms and shared rooms packed to the brim with all of the necessities. All these amazing things offer a good opportunity in a life time. Here are the pros and cons of a roommate in a dorm:

Pros Of A Roommate In A Dorm

Sharing Things With Your Roommate

Sharing a room with your roommate is just like sharing your life .It’s fun when you share cultural background, life experiences and innovative ideas with your roommate. You grow as an individual by learning about others when you are introduced to realities outside your comfort zone. This will be the benefit to live with your roommate.

A Strong Relation With Your Roommate

It forms an extremely good relationship and friendship with your roommate when you live away from your lovely home. And it lasts for a life time. The good part is when anything happens to you, you are not alone in that situation. Your room mate will help you for sure and of course there will be a shoulder to cry on. So, of course creating a brand new social network makes you happy at least you will not be alone. And also you will not at all feel lonely and nostalgic.

Less Expenditure

Sharing things with your roommate will certainly help you in spending money. Also, living in dorms other than private room will make you save transportation charges and rent. By saving money, you can buy new stuff anytime you want. So, if you have a roommate living with you it will help in saving money for those personal extra things which you can’t live without.

Cons Of A Roommate In A Dorm


It’s good if you and your roommate are financially strong. If not then your room mate will start treating you as her/his ATM which you have to avoid. Also, if your room mate is studious and you love partying every time, then also you need to resolve the conflict between you and your room mate. It is really important for you to understand your room mate as a person; otherwise you will not be able to understand your room mate ever which will result in conflicts with each other.

Fights On The Small Stuffs

Obviously in dorms, you have to face small fights over washing the sink or cleaning the room. However, you may get a roommate who does not like cleanliness, at that time you may get frustrated.

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