Psychiatric Nurse Jobs

Those who are looking for Psychiatric nurse jobs are generally interested to become a registered mental health nurse. These nurses work with all types of patients irrespective of their age. The patients can have mild mental illness or severe ones.

The psychiatric nurses work in various departments like home care, private hospitals, state institutions and different branches of military hospitals. The job of a psychiatric nurse is a difficult one and the person should be aware of the responsibilities, prerequisites and educational qualifications.

The work of psychiatric nurse job is not very easy. They work with mentally disturbed patients and that is indeed very stressful. You should have a strong emotional balance in order to join this profession and you should have the capacity to leave all your stresses at work and not to take them home.

First you need to have the high school diploma. After that you should finish your college with a bachelor’s degree as a registered nurse.

This is the first difficult phase as the course is very exhaustive and is generally more stressful than the other college degree programs. Registered mental health nurses also need a master’s degree or doctoral work to get any employment opportunities. This alone proves that you need to study that little bit extra to do well in this field. So it is four years for a bachelor’s degree and then two years for the masters program. Add another two years if you intend to do the doctorate too.

There are a lot of daily responsibilities that are associated with this job. Since you will be caring for mentally disturbed patients, you should have the ability to do a spot assessment of the situation and take the required action.

A relationship should be there between the nurse and the patient in which there is ample trust. The nurse should administer daily medications to the patient, hold group sessions and coordinate events. The nurse should work in tandem with the family of the patient and give regular updates on his/her health. The nurse should also prepare, write and maintain the daily patient records.

Psychiatric Nurse Jobs are very challenging but requires a lot of patience. This is a very rewarding and fulfilling career but enter this field only after you have done a thorough research of this profession.