Public Relations As A Career Option

Public relations’ is the art of building and sustaining relationships. Today, whether its public sector, a government agency, financial institute or for that matter an individual, everyone requires an expert PR advice on how to construct that special bond of trust with others and on how to keep it going in the long run. Sensitive approach towards the idea of an individuals’ or a company’s’ image has popularised the job of PROs’ and as a line of work, it is definitely in great demand.

To be a good PR professional one should keep this in mind that one may have to work within an organization’ premises, dealing with its internal public or may have to do business with the external public of the company.Internal public includes the internal workforce of an organization and external public comprises of all those who influence the profit related decisions of a company. While working with internal public, PROs can be asked to conduct employee meets, inform employees about company’s policies, actions and accomplishments, do research upon market perception of the company and strategise to improve it, deal with crisis situation, maintain contacts, respond to customer inquiries and complains, etc.

In case of external public, PROs can be asked to conduct an event to promote a brand, can be asked to hold a press conferences to clarify a stand, and manage fairs and exhibitions as a part of company’s philanthropic activity. Whatever may be the nature of public, at the end of the day, Public relations is all about informing public, knowing their attitude, helping the company to grow in terms of profit and acting as a communication bridge between the company and its target audience.

Public relations curriculum is usually offered by journalism and mass communication programs or business department of many colleges and universities. If one is interested in pursuing public relations as a career, then one must possess the following skill set. One should be good at writing, must be a critical thinker, and should be an active listener and a voracious reader. In addition to these qualities, one must be good in time management, coordination, and should have keen interest in learning new things and accepting and executing innovative ideas. In short, a PRO should be jack of all trades and a master of few.