R V College Of Engineering

One of the most unlikely comment to pass is a wrong information; particularly, engineering facts. Engineering is a science that deals with practical application of physical sciences; which is also called applied science. An applied science becomes popular when a course of humanity has seen it beneficial for existence and habitat. The most important aspect is that the human nature should accept the innovation and aspire to change the technology as per its needs and wants of time to time. One cannot decline this fact, whatsoever. Science is a good slave but a bad master. Here, we are looking at a biography of RV Engineering College.

It was established in 1963 with three disciplines namely; Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The college is managed by Prof. K. N. Subramanya who is the Director of the college administration. Mr. Subrmanya has 20 years of experience in Teaching and Research. He is currently handling the charge of Industry Engineering and Management as Asst. Professor, additionally. R V Engineering college is located 13 Km away from the heart of Bangalore City with a big campus of 52 acres providing an ideal ambiance for teaching and learning atmosphere. Currently, average intake of students for Graduate and Post Graduate programs is 1200, approximately.

The college has a highly qualified and acclaimed faculty whose teaching skill has no nominees away from the campus. The students are loyal and affectionate. The college is a product of the Rashtriya Shikshana Samithi Trust which was founded by N. C. Shivananda Sharma, during British ruled India. The mission of the founder was to impart education with equality when discrimination was hyper medic. Today, the college’s mission is ‘Excellence in Education with Societal Commitment’ referring to the concern of disability, challenged and economically weak section of people. “Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust believes that every individual from each strata of society needs education to fulfill aspirations” – Excerpt RV Engineering Collage’s complete mission statement.

The total number of students at present go up to 4335 along with budding faculties who sum up to 350. By looking at this kind of growth we understand the commitment that these people are gathered to commit and achieve. Achievement is the primary objective at R V Engineering college. The campus location is decorated with lush of green lawns and serene ambiance that reflect the environment for academic work. The college canteen is designed to cater 100 students with staff at a time.

 There are sixteen specializations offered for Post Graduation and twelve specializations offered in undergraduate programs. The details can be accrued from the following link: http://www.rvce.edu.in/. There are plenty of extra-curricular activities that the enrolled candidates can benefit by tapping their Grey matter. This college has a legacy in teaching and alumni; so if you are looking fora quality education then this is one such spot to monger.


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