Register For SAT

SAT is an important exam for all the students who are aspiring to join a college in United States. Most of the colleges in United States accept SAT scores as part of the admission process. If you are planning to join a college in United States you will have to procure a good SAT score along with GPA, recommendations and other qualifications. It is necessary for you to register for SAT if you wish to appear for SAT. There are many ways to register for SAT like online, by mail or by phone.

Registration for SAT

SAT is administered seven times in a year, generally in the months of October, November, December, January, March, May and June on Saturday mornings. The exact dates of tests along with the deadlines for registration for SAT are available on the website of College Board. College Board has published its website,, which has all the information required to appear for SAT.

The website also has all the information about registration for SAT. As mentioned before, if you wish to appear for SAT exams, you should register for SAT at the College Board. The registration for SAT will involve filling your personal particulars, providing your other test details like choice of test center, test dates exams etc. You will also have to provide information about the colleges where you wish to send your scores.

The registration for SAT can be done online, on phone or by mail. There are a lot of advantages of registering online like immediate confirmation of test date and test center. You can register for SAT any time in the day if you are registering online. However, if you wish to register for SAT online, you are required to become the member at the College Board website. There are many facilities that are available to the members of the website like online application to colleges, viewing of SAT score etc.

There could be some reasons because of which some of you can not register online. Also if you cannot register online for some other reason, you can register by mail. If you register for SAT by mail, you should send your request well in advance so that you have time to receive your admission ticket, before the test date. The booklet for registration for SAT is available at most of the school office. The application form and the return envelope are a part of the booklet.

It is possible to register for SAT even if you miss the last date on payment of late fee. If you miss the late registration deadline also, there is a provision for you to carry out standby registration. Test centers accept standby registration if they have space. The standby registration is accepted in order of the arrival of students.

There is no guarantee of registration for standby registration. You will not be admitted until all pre-registered students have been seated. The fee for registration for SAT is US $43. The charges for late registration are US $22. It is recommended that you register for SAT well in time so that you can get the test center and the test date of your choice.

Shaini N