Religious Studies – An Overview

An interesting academic field of study is that of religious studies. This discipline is interesting because it tries to study all the different types of religions as well as religious beliefs in this world in a secular way. It compares different religions and interprets their popularity.

Students of religious studies find many approaches that help them to learn the spread of a particular religion within a particular culture. And the study becomes more fun as it allows the students to work on popular theories and solve many a religious puzzles from different cultures.

Religious studies also help students, gain expertise to interpret all the major religions and their origin and, also to understand the power or influence these religions employ to shape their immediate society. The most popular religious beliefs originated from Christianity, Jewish, Hinduism, Buddhism and Muslim faith.

The most important benefit of getting enrolled in a degree program in religious studies is that, the student also gets an opportunity to learn different historic languages such as Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Hindi, Sanskrit and Arabic during the course time.

Without doubt it can be said that this academic field of study depends on many academic disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, history, philosophy, sociology, classical civilization etc.

Religious studies can be studied by enrolling in an undergraduate degree program such as a Bachelor of Arts program. Students get the opportunity to study about a particular religion or geographic area, for example Buddhism or the religious beliefs in South Asia.

Majors and minors in religious studies require the student to put in required number of credit hours. There are also opportunities to complete double majors (for example religious studies and philosophy) and honors program in religious studies.

At the graduate level, students can enroll in a Master of Arts degree in religious studies and then apply for a PhD degree. Just like an undergraduate course, graduate courses give students an opportunity to learn about different religions in a general way, where as a doctoral degree provides specialized training and learning on a specific religion.

Religious studies is offered by University of California, Santa Barbara, Stanford University, Indiana University, University of Calgary, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley etc. A degree in religious studies can give you work opportunities as an administrator, teacher, community worker, social worker, librarian, journalist, counselor etc.