Role of Human Resources In Organisation

Every organisation wants an organised manpower may be in any vertical, department or company as a whole. An organised manpower is the key to success for any organisation and coordinates with different departments for work done on time , preparing reports and finally to retain the brilliant minds in the company the management that works together is human resource department.

Management of the employees by the personnel department in the organisation is the basic work of human resource department.To make human resources as a good career option one has to undergo certain diplomas or degrees in Human Resources popularly known as master’s of business administration in HR or master’s in human resource management. It is the backbone of every organisation

Human resource department deals in recruiting, staffing, performance appraisal, timely payrolls, and employee engagement, handling employee grievance, employee / employer relation, compensation and benefits. It is nowadays popularly known as Talent management .It plays a great role in maintaining the relations between the management and the manpower employed in the organisation. They motivate the people in the organisation for achieving well in their targets.

Human resources not only act as a bridge that fills the gap of misunderstanding between management and workforce but also helps in maintaining the cordial relations between them. This department works in coordination with all the head of the departments in the organisation and do strategic planning for the upcoming projects.

The hr professionals may work as hr managers, hr generalist, hr directors and at the highest a vice president and president level but the roles and responsibilities vary from the size of the company and their roles are clearly defined. In the past the hr professionals were viewed as managers handling administrational functions and doing paperwork.

But now with changing time the role of hr is not merely that paperwork infact the old hr management has now grown up into different roles as strategic partners, employee sponsors or advocates and change mentors etc. they help in organisational development and making business plans for the company.

HR analyse the employees working in the organisation and create the work environment and make the folk happy and motivated. HR helps in providing the the assistance in the developmental opportunities , business plan strategies, which help them in making the workforce more engaged in profit making activities for the company.