Safety tips when studying abroad

A study abroad program is always beneficial for you. It broadens your horizons and gives your personality a globalized appeal. There are plenty of study abroad programs for the taking. Different countries have so many universities that offer you plenty of education options, and added to that there are always strong chances to get a job in that particular country.

Foreign countries have always appealed to students. But little do they understand about so many aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Once of them is safety.

Why is it unsafe for foreign students in a country?
Firstly, foreign students have a problem with the local language. They would also be novices with regard to identifying locations, and moving around town without guidance.

They are gullible targets for criminals, who can misuse their lack of knowledge of terrain and territory, to cheat them, or even harm them fatally.

How to be safe as a student in a foreign country?
Always be on your toes and senses in a foreign country. Don’t loiter around without purpose. Watch out for signs of crime from people.

Try not to attract attention. Don’t dress provocatively. Try to dress normally. Try as much not to wear expensive jewels. Don’t carry expensive mobile phones or iPods. Even if you do, try not to flash them around.

If you are in a country with a certain degree of hostility to foreign students or to the speaking of foreign languages, you might do well to move with a person who is a native of that country, or speak your language in lower tone.

Don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. Always follow the rules of the land. Read road signs carefully. Do some research and study on them before entering a foreign country. Do not involve yourself in fights and brawls, unless it is an unavoidable act of self-protection. Go to bars and nightclubs that are recommended by other foreign students. If you go to a strange bar, you might be treated as a strayed stranger.

Speak to the local people courteously and in a pleasant tone. Always wear a smiling face. Don’t scorn or frown at people.

Be careful when you carry money. Try to have back-up money in at least two to three places in your attire. Try to carry only that amount of money that you need. Carrying traveler’s checks is a safe option.