Saving money as an international student

As one of the international students studying abroad, finances do play an important role. While for some, saving money is not really necessary, for others, it is a smart way to live one’s student life. While many may think saving money means cutting down on certain pleasures and privileges, it need not be so. There are many simple steps you can follow on how to save money. For starters, open a student account in a bank that offers you a rate of interest for the amount you save. If you are working part time, make sure that a part of your income is set aside in this account.

Almost all places of entertainment, including movies provide you with student discounts and help in saving money. Familiarize yourself with the details of each place. Use public transportation and buy season tickets. This will allow you to get to places swiftly, safely and allow you the occasional splurge. When making phone call back home opt for an international calling card as these are cheaper. If you do have a telephone, make sure to pay your bills on time to avoid penalties for defaulting and re-installation.

Restrict the number of times you eat out and improving on your cooking is a simple tip on how to save money. When shopping for groceries, buy the brands of the supermarket. Always buy what is in season for some great meals as well as deals. There is no compromise in quality and the prices are easy on the wallet. Most universities provide students with access to the internet. Use it for all your requirements.

Use the concept of pooling, car pooling to college, going dutch at restaurants and even chipping in for a birthday gift. Try and make a sandwich for lunch and carry some snacks for college. This will save loads for you as an international student. Make use of public amenities like swimming pools, skating rinks, libraries and even the gym for all your needs. Don’t try to be a fashion model at college. Dress simple and invest in clothes that you can use in multiple ways. Comfort should be your key when it comes to clothes, accessories and shoes.

Another tip on how to save money is to always go shopping with a list and never give in to temptation. Leave all your credit cards at home. Being a bit smart when it comes to living as an international student can help you save money.