Scholarships in Finland

Finland is a popular destination for foreign students. Approximately, 700 students come to Finland on scholarships each year. Most of them are given out for research level studies. However, there are many grounds on which one can avail aid for studying in Finland.

The first criterion is that the studies pursued by the applicant should be closely related to the work in Finland.

If an applicant’s parents are working in Finland or if they have become involuntarily unemployed in the country, they can apply for aid.

Furthermore, if an applicant lives in Finland for purpose other than studying they can get financial aid. They will, however, be required to register as a permanent resident at the Finnish population register system. Scholarships for post master level studies like research are given by the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO).

CIMO administers scholarships for international post graduate students; i.e. for research or doctoral studies in Finland. It does not award scholarships for either bachelors or master degree programs in Finland. The amount awarded in any scholarship will vary according to the type of scholarship programme and also the academic qualifications of the applicant.

Applicants can opt to apply for scholarships or fellowships on an individual basis. Also, the department at the chosen institute can also opt to apply for scholarship on their behalf. The regulations for eligibility, application process, deadlines and availability of application forms vary according to different programmes. Furthermore, there are special scholarships for students from different countries.

For instance, the CIMO India Fellowships Programme is a scholarship for Indian students, there is. This aims to encourage Indian students to pursue research studies in Finland. It is offered only for students who want to engage in post master level programmes like research and teaching positions in Finland. Only Indian applicants who have completed a master’s degree can apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship can be provided for three to twelve months. It awards 800 to 1200 euros each month to the recipient. In addition, a travel grant of 500 euros is provided. The department at the university will apply for the scholarship on behalf of the student whom they want to sponsor. The application for this scholarship should be submitted at least four months prior to the intended scholarship period.