School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University

Hospitality and Tourism is a booming industry. Hospitality mainly caters to the services provided to the customers. To be in this field, you have to be responsible, friendly and helpful with a pleasing personality.

Florida International University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, boasts of being the topnotch university in US offering hospitality and tourism management course.

The different degrees that you can pursue include Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Master of Science in Hospitality Management and Executive Master of Science in Hospitality Management. It offers a rich curriculum, with over 80 courses and 25 plus faculty members to impart teaching of highest standards.
FIU lures students all over the country and international students from over 70 countries.

Diverse group of students, give a cosmopolitan atmosphere .The education imparts ample skill and theoretical knowledge and you emerge out ready to serve the industry with acumen in different disciplines such as the international hotel, foodservice and tourism industries.

Great career opportunities await the students of FIU.  Industries recruiters, over 100 in number from the hospitality and tourism industry make a beeline to FIU to hire new graduates for key management positions.

Internship program allows you great exposure, in understanding the working standards of the industry; they have a structured training program. You can do your internship in hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, airlines, travel agencies and cruise lines.

You stand to benefit as a student of FIU, as a flexible curriculum is set according to the current need of the hospitality and tourism industry .The Advisory Board comprising eminent executives in the lodging, food service and tourism industry formulate and update the curriculum working with the faculty and students.
You will be enriched with vast experience and teaching.

South Florida paves way to hone your skills through the exuberant multicultural community and abounding industry experiences in a colorful hospitality, travel and tourism market.

The international fame of FIU for academic excellence has led China to partner with FIU, in fostering a hospitality and tourism management campus in Tianjin. You can also opt for undergraduate degree program through distance learning at St Petersburg College, Florida.

To sum up you will reap rich dividends with a degree from FIU. It will boost your career opportunities tremendously.