Scope Of Distance Education In India

Scope Of Distance Education In India A country with a population of more than 1 billion and one of the most developed countries in the world has literacy rate of 74.04%. We are speaking of education in India. Rise in population gives rise to a lot of needs and requirements. It means that people have to go out of their houses at an early age to meet these needs.

Gone are the days when the head of the family used to provide for everyone else in the house, gone are the days of father earning the bread for the entire household alone. Today’s generation cannot imagine that our parents used to pay 5 paisa- 10 paisa as a minimum bus fare, the denominations just do not exist anymore. This is an age where a handicapped and paralyzed person is the greatest scientist of the world, this is the age where school kids operate mobile phones and ipods much faster than their parents do.

With such great advancements and in our race to be at par with the western culture, we need to adapt and accept a much more flexible education system. As most old beliefs and practices are things of the past so is the age old belief of graduating from a college by attending regular classes. This is an age of do or die. One has to literally throw his or her competitor out of the market.

Time is the most important factor. Distance Education gives you time. Inflation is increasing with every passing year, the petrol prices are sky rocketing. A single person’s income cannot run an entire household. A second income always comes as a boon. Distance learning gives you the freedom to do so. It will allow you to work along with studies. So you can complete your education and also help you support your family, if needs be.

There are so many instances that the parents have helped you complete your Class XII, and there is suddenly a need to start working and fetch for yourself. The need could be anything, just for a mere want of pocket money or to help the family financially. In the midst of all this, education takes a back seat. Well, distance education can really help you catch up with others and fulfill your needs to complete education and become a graduate. It does not take much of your time and one can study even after work.

If the work permits then one can study during work. I used to work for a call center, where there were many people working and studying as well. People used to carry a text book along with them and when there were no calls to answer, they would start preparing. It would definitely increase during the exam months of April and October. Over the period of time, they would all be graduates with a 3 year work experience. It helped them in getting promoted in the same organization or even to move on to better offers.

Scope Of Distance Education In India

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If the course is done from a recognized university then it would hold the same value as any normal degree course. The only difference is the level of education. The student attending a regular college would get guidance from teachers and most people who are pursuing their studies through distance education would have no guidance or help unless they are taking tuitions separately.

Distance Education is a boon to millions of students in India. It not only provides for them to complete their education but also boosts their self confidence in life. Education is something that develops you personally and increases your knowledge base. After you begin your work life and few years into it educational qualification takes a back seat for a job requirement. The importance is then given to your work experience.

With a degree in hand, from a recognized university your employability increases. Distance education helps you achieve that feat. In most cases, there are some specializations available which are not available in regular degree colleges. I wanted to study journalism and that is exactly what I did for graduation. I completed my B.A with a major in Journalism. This particular choice of subject was not available for undergraduates in the country. But I studied the subject of my choice through distance learning.

There is no shame in distance learning, it is not of any less value than any other regular course. If your parents can sponsor your college fees to make you a regular graduate you can always go with it. For others, they can start earning, be self dependent, also complete education without being a burden on parents. If you work in the same company and keep growing, at times, they do require a graduation before getting you promoted to the next level.

It is much convenient to get a degree by pursuing a course through distance learning and getting promoted than watch a much less competent person become your boss just because of one degree. There are a number of universities offering distance learning in India. One can simply google “distance education” and a list of pages will open up which gives us the details about distance learning courses. One must be very careful about choosing the university to pursue their courses.

There are many universities who offer the degrees but they are not recognized by DEC, UGC or AICTE. So one must carefully select the university and verify if its recognized by these bodies or not. You can check the information at and find out if the university you are enrolling for is recognized by them or not. Also, there are other websites which will give you the same information.

The only drawback of a distance education is the college life that we miss out on. Since it’s a self learning course, we do not make any new friends or have the same fun as a college going student. At times, it does look boring but again as it’s said “No Pain, No Gain”. You look at the specialization that you are getting pursuing the course through distance learning, also the work experience gained over the years when some of your friends are enjoying and wasting money. All the best to all who plan to complete their education through distance learning.

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