Scoring 36 On Your ACT

Many students have a secret ambition of scoring 36 on the ACT test but the most obvious thinking is “How am I going to do it?”

You should have some basic knowledge in Math, Science, English and Reading. You can get help from a competent tutor if you are weak in any of these sections. The magical figure of 36 can be achieved if you apply some basic techniques.

It is necessary that you prepare a lot before the actual exam. Buy a good ACT test prep book from Barrons or Princeton. Read the book thoroughly and then take the practice sets so that you know how you are doing in each of the four sections.

You will know where you stand in respect of each section and you will also know the kind of questions that you can expect in this test. The test prep books also help you in devising a strategy so that you can score better on the D-day. Remember to take the tests in actual exam conditions with virtually no distractions.

Prepare for at least two months before the actual test. Spend just three hours per day on the test prep book. It is no use cramming the book in just 15 days. When you give enough time to your preparation, you will be able to absorb the things much better.

Again, when you take the practice tests allow yourself a little bit of less time than what you will get in the actual test. For example, if a section is to be completed in 30 min then set the timer to 20 – 25 min. In this way, you will be able to increase your speed and devote more time to the difficult questions.

Many students do not try all the questions in the practice test and have a habit of looking at the answers at the back of the book. Don’t just rely on the book answers. Try to use your own thought process. The answers at the back of the book will help you to check whether you answered correctly.

The good thing about ACT is that there are no negative markings for wrong answers. So even if you do not know the correct answer to a question, make a well-informed guess. Try to attempt all questions unless you run out of time.