Security Studies – Security Degree & Security Certificate

The current century is more vulnerable to war and violence than the previous one, and therefore security for nations as well as within a nation remains a concern for any government.

International security issues and the conditions of peace are studied in depth by students through the Security study programs.

The causes and consequences of war, rivalry between nations and radical groups, nuclear weapon proliferation, mushrooming of weapons of mass destruction, relationship between the civil government and the military, political reforms are all topics under study for Security department in an Institution. It also covers ethnic conflicts, mass genocide of civilian population, foreign policy issues and issues of alliances.

The security studies thus is a broad topic of interest today which covers the theories and conceptual frameworks of national and international security issues as an academic discipline. It gives more importance to theories such as the balance of power theory, organizational theory, political theory etc.

The security studies is usually covered as graduate degree programs and certifications. Rarely an undergraduate degree program in security studies is available or is pursued by students. The most preferred way to study this topic is to enroll for research programs with Universities and government departments.

Students enrolled for graduate research work in security studies for example can work to improve the intelligence analysis of homeland security system. The researchers try to explore the capabilities of the current intelligence system, find methods for counterintelligence operations and so on.

Such research works usually have the backing and support of Federal departments such as the Department of Homeland security as in the above example. There are also opportunities to avail post and pre doctoral fellowships in International security studies from various reputed universities in USA.

Similarly graduate certificate programs are also an effective way to study security issues. Graduate degree programs in security studies can be in the form of a Master of Science degree, Master of Public Administration degree or simply Master of Arts degree program.

A graduate degree holder in Security studies usually can find a career in government departments or private companies. Some of the popular designations include – Analyst in Central Intelligence Agency, Country Desk Officer, Policy Advisor, Legislative Assistant, International Trade Specialist, Investigative Specialist, Intelligence Officer and Officer in the defense sector.