Speed Reading Tools And Techniques To Improve Reading Speed

Speed Reading Tools And Techniques To Improve Reading SpeedThe difference between normal and speed reading is that the latter enables to grasp more information in less time. It is not at all a complicated process and anyone can master these simple strategies without much hassle. Speed reading is very useful when preparing for entrance tests, online exams or class tests. Some tips, techniques and strategies mentioned here will help you overcome the fear of learning the speed reading process.

Basics Of Speed Reading For Beginners

Sit in isolation without any loud disturbances. Keep a timer or alarm clock to time the reading speed. Skim the entire chapter or the study material. It is essential to have a clear state of mind to grasp and retain what you read.

Avoid focusing on the decorative sentences. Concentrate on the subheadings, keywords and basic concept of the lesson. Keep a dictionary beside you to refer the difficult words. This also helps to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. Constant practice will help to master the speed reading technique within few days.

Speed Reading And Hand Motion

It is possible to double the reading speed by using hand motions. Going back to the primary school days, kids learn to read using their fingers to follow the words on a page. Speed reading follows this simple technique. Use the fingers and follow up with your eyes to read the entire page in less time. Keep the mind free of thoughts and distractions to retain all that you read.

How To Increase Reading Speed

It is essential to use the right techniques to increase your reading speed. The secret of speed readers is practice alone. They use this process whenever they read and hence become perfect. You can also take simple speed reading online tests to check your improvement.

Another common mistake is re-reading same words. You are stuck at one passage for a long time and it affects your reading speed. To prevent such mistakes, use a book, sheet or a card to cover up the paragraphs and sentences after reading them. Once you finish reading the entire page, you can re-read the whole page again. This technique works better than memorizing one word at a time. You can either read aloud or in the mind but remember not to slow down due to distractions.

Speed Reading Tools Online

Online speed reading tools have many benefits. They help to master the art of reading faster by skimming through the text. These online speed reading tools use a simple strategy of highlighting the important words and text in a paragraph. Therefore, it reduces the stress on eyes, improves retaining ability and eases the workload.

There are many free tools for online speed reading and training. You can search the web for “online speed reading tools” and the results show several tools like Spreeder, Eyercize, iReadfaster and Shaks. These online are very simple to use. You merely paste the text to speed read and begin right away.

Thus, speed reading process is simple and easy to implement. It is useful for students, employees and an essential tool for people preparing for entrance exams, management courses, bloggers and content writers. Speed reading helps to refer and browse much more information in less time and reduces stress related to work and study. Master the technique with daily practice and use the online speed reading tests to check for self-improvement.

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