Sports Should be Essential Part of Education

It is very well said fact that healthy body encourages the growth of healthy mind. There may be lot of criticism and comments abounds, but there is very strong relation between education and games and sports in the life of an average person should not be underrated. By maintaining the perfect balance between the school curriculum and sports one can combine entertainment and work. As they say “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

A student can inherit so much of positivity by playing games. With the growing competition there is so much need of vitalize the life, specially for student who are surrounded by many expectations and hard work.

One must follow the routine of mild exercise, brisk walking, spot jogging and yoga are known to tone up the body and freshen the mind. Indulging in physical activities boosts the metabolism, burns calories and improves the circulation of blood. Exercise invigorates the mind and the body and helps to keep fit. Sports and games also help in recreation. Soccer, cricket, lawn tennis are widely played games and equipment required can easily be arranged. It helps one get a temporary escape from the tensions of exams and too much of study load.

With the help of such games adopted at young age helps develop the sportsmanship approach towards life, helps us to face the challenges in life with a brave front. Sports help us feed positive approach and helps one reorganize one’s skills and work harder with vigor, to achieve goals in life. It also induces the quality of team spirit which is very necessary aspect for professional life.  With the help of games one displays the punctuality, diplomacy and self-discipline. Punctuality and good judgment help them in their winning streak and achieving success.

Seeing the positive impact of the value of games and sports, in the character-building of a human being, parents should help children include games in their routine. A game if vehemently pursued for even an hour a day could benefit the child in his mental development. By teachers and by parents sports should be encouraged among student. Healthy and wise children are expected to create wealthy and prosperous country.