Stanford University

The top notch in education and favorite destination for higher studies is USA, because some of the best universities are located here.

Stanford University situated in Stanford, California is the most distinguished university in the world, leading in research and teaching institutions. It was established by Leland Stanford in 1891.

Stanford is ranked 2nd in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Stanford stands tall with achievements of the alumni who have founded companies such as Google, Silicon Graphics, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard etc.

Approximately 6800 graduates and 8300 undergraduate students are enrolled in Stanford from United States and around the world. It is a residential university. Currently the under graduate program is ranked 4th in the nation by the US News and World Report.

The university boasts of seven schools in the field of Humanities and Sciences, law, Medicine, Business, Earth Sciences, Engineering and Education in a single campus. The strength in Stanford classes is less than 20 students.

For under graduate courses more than 65 departments and programs offer graduate degrees. The financial aid for under graduate course depends on the academic merit and availability of funds.Various programs such as continuing adult education, special programs for K-12, executive and professional programs are the different studies offered at Stanford.

It is a home to Nobel laureates, research works are carried in independent labs, centers and institutes steering out breakthroughs in science, business, etc. The benchmark in research is its openness in multidisciplinary research.  The under graduate research is aided by grants and programs to bring to fore new knowledge. The research is supported and reinforced by the Dean of Research and Office of Research Administration.

The library has a voluminous collection of more than 8 million physical volumes; the main library is the Green library which comprises humanities and social sciences. Meyer library houses the East Asia collection. The library also includes 34 thousand online journals and newspapers, digital libraries with 800 electronic article databases.

Arts and creativity find a niche in Stanford, Stanford Lively Arts program open to the public ushers in performing artists to the campus. Athletic and fitness finds a prime place, it offers 37 varsity sports and about 300 athletic scholarships.

Biking is the most popular way of getting in to the campus. The campus of Stanford is rated as the most beautiful in the world by the Forbes magazine and Structure Hub.