Stress Busting Tips for Students

Study loads, assignment works, deadlines, tests and projects- a student’s life is indeed stressful. Most of their colorful moments gets shaded out with extreme tension and woes. Is there a way out for them? Can they study leisurely and at the same time enjoy their life? The answer is a plain ‘Yes’.

Any kind of stress or tension can be brought down with a good planning. Be a little organised and you can experience the difference.

Understand Yourself

Understanding yourself is the one of the greatest rules towards success. Knowing your limits, knowing what is good for you and knowing how to select the best for you will keep any kind of tensions at bay.

Make a timetable for yourself that includes time for studies, homework, play, food and sleep. Try to stick to that. In most of the cases, students prepare timetable for themselves, but finally falls prey to lethargy. This should not happen. While you prepare timetable, try to include lessons that you can study in a day. Never push yourself beyond a limit, as that will only cause more harm to you.

Take breaks in between to watch TV, play games and interact with your family members. This can help you cut down the burden of studies and you will feel a bit relaxed.

Friends and Family Matters

While choosing friends, be very careful. Choose friends who is of your wavelenth, who can create a positive energy around you, who can help you when your spirits need a lift. You can also engage in group studies with friends. It can help you a lot because you get to know different perspectives of knowledge. This way lessons can be made enjoyable.

Spending time with your family also matters a lot to relieve your stress. Your parents can encourage and reassure you. Give them some light tasks as to wake you up from a nap or to remind you to drink water at regular intervals, as all these are very essential to kill stress. If you study for one hour, you can take breaks and enjoy your favorite music during the break. Researcher’s have proved that music can soothe tensed muscles and help you relax.

Say ‘No’ to worries

A positive attitude is what you have to develop most importantly as a student. Failures should never discourage you. Failing in an exam doesnt mean end of the world, it just means you have to try a little bit more.

Keep encouraging yourself and understand the fact that its only you who knows you better. If at any point of time you lose interest in your studies, take advise from a counselor or teacher. Identify the areas or subject in which you are weak and allot more time for it. Always say, Nothing is impossible and you can cross any bridge of knowledge with ease.

Babitha Balakrishnan