Study at Berkeley City College

Berkeley City College was established in the year 1974 as Vista Community College. Located at 2050 Center Street in downtown Berkeley, it is one of 110 community colleges in California.

The college, often called BCC in its shortened form, is affiliated to California Community Colleges and Peralta Community College District. It is widely known for its innovative course offerings.

The Berkeley City College is defined by its university preparatory programs and vocational training courses. But, various other courses offered at the college keep the educational and economic development requirements of Berkeley at forefront.

For example, this incorporation of various courses with local businesses and community partnerships come to fore in the courses offered in subjects like business, multimedia and web design, biotechnology, and computer information system among others.

The college organizes its classes in a very flexible manner at two venues of college campus and university of California, Berkeley. The singular thought process behind every move of the college is success of its students.

Students of the college learn a lot from the diverse student community. This diversity is just not limited to ethical, cultural and socioeconomic factors. Student community here is highly diverse in the sense it includes high school students, career changers, full-time working people and single parents.

Can you think of any more diverse student community? The gains earned from this kind of student community, added with dedication and positive attitude of faculty members helps the students to choose from a number of career options available to them.

There are more than 5,100 students enrolled at the college and around 172 faculty members are there to guide them. The college also houses the Center for International Trade Development. Its significance is not limited to academic issues. It benefits small scale local businesses by offering counseling services to them.

Students here get access to one of the most flexible settings. The college convenes Day, evening and Saturday classes, which ensure that any academic program or vocational course offered at the college can be completed in a span of two years. Students here get equipped with requisite qualities needed to succeed in highly competitive job market of the day.The Berkeley City College is doing what its motto says- Transforming Lives.