Study at Reed College

Reed College is a private liberal arts college. It was established in the year 1908 with the purpose of offering a sensible and all-inclusive liberal arts and sciences education that is second to none when it comes to intellectual excellence.

The highly rigorous and comprehensive academic structure of the college is the single largest factor leading to excellence in output here. Under its academic learning system it offers a fine balance of all-purpose and specific educational subjects.

The system is such that students are not left to pursue their individual interests in an isolated manner. Rather, they are treated essentially as the part of a bigger intellectual scene wherein both students and teachers work in unison and share their intellect.

The college provides its programs through the classification of five divisions and humanity courses. The five divisions at Reed are Division of Arts, Division of History and Social Sciences, Division of Literature and Languages, division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Division of Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, and Linguistics.

In total students get to choose from five humanity related courses, 26 departmental majors and many other courses. There is also a masters of arts in liberal studies degree.

The Reed College has more than 1400 students enrolled in its undergraduate courses and 29 at masters’ level. Faculty count of the college stands at 135. That way it has exceptional student faculty ratio of 10:1. This keeps average students per class at just 15 and students are benefitted with conference-style interactive teaching practices.

In the light of standards maintained at the college it is not a surprise that a very high number of graduates from the college go on to earn PhDs across field.

Spread over an area of 116 acres Reed has 24 buildings and 23 residence halls as infrastructure. Infrastructural fineness at Reed College can easily be understood from the fact that it is perhaps the only private undergraduate college equipped with a nuclear reactor, that too mostly run by students to effectively undertake science programs.

Present president of the college is Colin Diver and its endowment is put at $311.1 million. Clubbing together tuitions and fees is $39,700 per year.