Study at University of California, Berkeley

Studying at University of California, Berkeley popularly known as Berkeley University or simply Berkeley, is a chance of a lifetime. With its campus situated at an extremely convenient and scenic location and its excellent courses taught by world-renouned scholars, getting your education from Berkeley will give your professional career a great push.

University of California at Berkeley is situated in the famous San Francisco Bay Area. In this article, we will discuss some of the many courses available at Berkeley and guide you on the typical campus life on this famous institution.

Berkeley has an exhaustive list of courses available for undergraduate as well as post-graduate students. There are several short-term courses too. The university also has many scholar-exchange programs.

Each department, however, may have different admission criteria and different deadlines. So, a prospective student must check the websites of all the different departments of the university and pay attention to their application guidelines.

Some of the famous courses at Berkeley are Anthropology, Asian American Studies, African American Studies, Art Practice, Art History, Architecture, Buddhist Studies, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biology, Biophysics, Biostatistics, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dramatic Art, Economics, Education, English, Ethnic Studies, etc.

The Journalism School is also famous the world over for its excellent teaching standards and its illustrious alumni. There are several interesting courses on offer at Berkeley.

A student can learn Magazine journalism from expert scholars and often from elite professionals who serve as visiting faculty to the university.Other courses on various New Media subjects are also on offer. Students can also take electives on Online Journalism. Besides these courses, there are also some electives on Photography, Print and Television Journalism and Mass Communication.It is advisable to keep checking the university’s website from time to time for the admission announcements.

A statement of purpose is generally sought by the school. The student should also produce the transcripts of his High School or Undergraduate results.Students who need scholarships to finance their education must also pay attention to the several scholarship announcements that are made at different times of the year. Generally scholarship applications have their own specific deadlines.