Study at Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand has always been on the list of students planning to study abroad as there are many of renowned Universities there that provide good quality education. Victoria University named after the Queen Victoria of New Zealand in 1897. It was founded by the Act of New Zealand’s parliament. It is a center for excellence since then and produced outstanding students.

The education culture was building up at that time and the quantities of students were very few which grew with the passage of time. The renowned professors who were considered to be the pioneers were called upon request to take charge of the University. The University was run by ThomasEastrerfield, Hugh MacKenzie, Richard Maclaurine and Professor John Rankine Brown.

At that time the education was provided on rented premises later it was decided to have a fix place for the university. For this purpose the Kelburn area was chosen as it was spread over acres and suitable for a large university.

The university expanded in 1906 with an extra building constructed commonly known today by the name of Hunter building. It was inaugurated by the Governor of New Zealand. The reputation for providing excellent education and the research work grew as many students started to prefer coming to this university. All this was done by the sincere efforts of Professor ‘Tommy’ Hunter, J. C. Beaglehole and George von Zedlitz. This was the sole reason for the increase of students that much.

The University till 1961 has not the authority to set and conducted its own papers within the university. However it was given charter to assess its students itself. That day the College status changed to The Victoria University of Wellington. The Wellington College of education and Victoria University had many collaborations regarding advance teachers program, student exchange program and research based work. So to make this long working relation to be more formal both education institutes signed a “Strategic Alliance”

After a period of 4 years of cooperative working it was decided to merge the two universities so Wellington College was disestablished and the new name came up as Victoria University Faculty of Education in year 2005.There are set standards to be followed and strict policies for students by the management. The foreign students planning to come to New Zealand must follow the instructions and guidelines and get possible information regarding visa policy before applying in any institute in New Zealand.