Study at Yale Law School

Yale Law School is the law School of Yale University. Though it was formally established in the year 1824, genesis of its foundation can be traced back to early 19th century.

Around that time a New Haven, Connecticut law practitioner Seth Staples started training apprentices in his office which had a library of law books, a kind of rarity in those days. This start later translated into Yale Law School.

Mission of the Yale Law School is very unlike others. Ever since its start the school has decided to keep it small and humane. Second part of its mission is to carry an interdisciplinary approach towards teaching of law. Even in today’s time these two are the trademarks of the school.

That is the reason the school is so small in size with just 678 students. For these students there are in excess of 70 full time faculties apart from more than 50 lecturers, fellows and affiliated faculties. It keeps the critical student faculty ratio at 7.3:1 and average class size stands at less than 20.

These students congregate here from around 48 states of the United States more than 31 countries in all to pursue as many as 180 courses which are offered in a year. Students here pay $48,500 in tuitions.

To say that faculty at the Yale Law School is the best for any law school would be an understatement. They are just not illustrious; they come from the most diversified background and specifications. Sticking to its mission Yale first created the concept of bringing the scholars of subjects like economics, history, psychiatry and psychology along with the law experts to teach the students.

Probably this explains the reason as to why alumnae of the school are there in leading positions in almost all walks of life. Among the school’s alumnae are prominent leaders including many US presidents, legal luminaries, corporate honchos, entrepreneurs and the list just goes on.

The School has been ranked the best US law school by U.S News and World Report every year they have brought out a separate ranking of law schools of the country. This in itself speaks a lot.