Study In Denmark- Campus Life

The campus life at universities in Denmark is exciting and different from other places. To begin with, most of the universities in Denmark have a study approach that is quite innovation.

Some of the features are; establishing active study environment in class, project based courses and group activities, discussions, interdisciplinary studies etc. Universities in Denmark also encourage critical and analytical thinking.

Communication between students and teachers is informal. All students are encouraged to participate actively in discussions with teachers during lectures. They can also address the teachers by their first name.

The method of studying at universities in Denmark is quite atypical. Students attend traditional lectures but otherwise study in rather uncommon ways. They study together in small groups; which are required to make intelligent contributions. They study and work independently also.

The course also requires students to take up research and project work independently. The students are required to submit various projects while studying in Denmark. These can range from major project reports, thesis, dissertations etc. students can also choose their field of major while commencing the course.

The campus life at universities in Denmark is characteristically different from those at other countries. Most of the universities in Denmark have a campus free culture. This is quite a new experience for foreign students. However, there are many social activities and several committees at the universities in Denmark.

Students can engage in a multitude of activities; such as parties, excursions, sports, café facilities, etc. If you are studying in Denmark, then it is highly recommended to involve yourself with a few committees and cultural activities. There is no reason to panic.

Universities in Denmark offer numerous cultural activities, like festivals, cinemas, theatres, museums, operas, concerts, etc. You can engage in sports at independent sports clubs, the in house sport facilities at the university, and also at the halls of residence. Another great experience of studying in Denmark is the ‘Fredagsbar’.

This is a special event that is organised on every Friday afternoon and is a great event to get a feel of student life in Denmark. In addition, all major cities have a student’s house that offers numerous cultural activities. You must stay at the halls of residence while studying in Denmark. Students of all age groups live here and they are a great place to socialise.

In fact, there are many facilities at universities in Denmark that can make studying there very easy. There are student guides or buddies provided to international students.

This is really helpful when you are new in the university campus. There are several programs offering courses in Danish language and culture. Thus studying in Denmark can be quite a unique experience and at the same time challenging.