Study In Denmark

Foreigners can come to study in Denmark as four types of students; namely degree program students, exchange students, and in summer schools. There are also some specially designed programs at some institutes.

Only students who are already studying at higher education institutes can come to study in Denmark as exchange students. There are many international exchange programs in the country for this purpose. Some of the renowned agreements are Erasmus, governmental bilateral agreement etc. If you want to know more about opportunities to study in Denmark as an exchange student, it is best to contact your own university authorities.

If your home university does not have an agreement with any Danish university for an exchange program, do not lose hope. You can still visit Denmark. Just get in touch with the international office of the Danish institution you want to visit.  They even accept exchange students from universities with which they do not have a cooperative agreement. Most of the conditions for accepting students is the same as with other universities; only these students are referred to as ‘guest students.’

As an exchange student, you can pursue studies for one or two semester in Denmark. You will complete the course in your home country through the transfer of credits. For this reason, exchange students are also called ‘non degree students’ at the universities in Denmark.

Some universities in Denmark also offer specially designed programs to international students. These can be pre designed semester programs or intensive courses on specific subjects. International students who pursue these programs come to study in Denmark as exchange or guest students.

You can come to study in Denmark for the summer university programs also. These are courses offered by universities in Denmark during the summer holidays and are available in many disciplines. International students can easily opt to take up these courses. They offer quality education, a progressive study environment and also do not require students to know Danish.

Lastly, you can study in denmark as a full time degree students also. There are many types of degree’s in Denmark. These are the bachelor’s, candidatus, master’s and doctorate. The cadidatus degree is higher than the bachelors degree. If a student completes 3 years of study in a candidatus program, they are awarded the bachelors degree.

Despite this, a number of students continue to study and complete their candidatus degree. There are some professional or vocational courses also available at the bachelor’s level with a duration of about 2 years. There are two types doctorate degree’s also; one is the Phd of 3 years and other is doctoral of 5 years.