Study In Japan

The students usually make a beeline to study abroad in countries like France, Germany and UK. But nowadays Japan has become very popular as a student destination.

You can go to Japan for a higher education or through an exchange study program. The article will try to give you a clear idea about the process of applying to a university in Japan and other related information.

The first point of contact for a student is always the admissions agent who will guide you step-by-step in your admission process starting from the choice of university. They also have enough information on the available scholarships and financial aid.

There is another place from where you can start gathering details. You can ask your present university about studying in Japan. You should enquire about study exchange programs which are of duration of one year or less. If you are employed then you can ask your company about a possible graduate or doctorate study to foreign countries like Japan.

The next important point to be discussed here is the source of funds. You need to investigate whether your parents or relatives can fully fund you for the study program. If your program is company paid then there is no problem otherwise you may have to enquire about the scholarships from different cultural missions. Do the funds cover the whole study program? Make sure that you are fully aware about the finer details of the funding like whether it includes food and accommodation.

There is a language requirement for studying in Japan as English is not the native language there. You need to learn the basic Japanese language in order to make your application a successful one. The Examination for Japanese University Admission is a must for applying to Japanese universities.

Apart from clearing these exams you need to include an admission essay, CV, passport copy, Transcript Records, letters of recommendations and proof of financial guarantee. Though you can apply online, the documents needs to be submitted directly to the university.

You need to wait for at least one month to get the application result. A mail from the university will notify you about the status of your application. If you are accepted you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and the immigration instructions for the student visa. After you have confirmed the acceptance you are good to go to Japan for the study program.