Study Journalism in the USA

In the recent times, Journalism has picked up the interest of the youth at a large scale. More and more students want to enroll themselves for the course, all thanks once again to the media and its outstretched limits. It is important at first to understand completely about the course before you set about to opt for the course.

Journalism has grown more from being just about a good story-telling. Today it is a vast industry ranging from newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the ‘dot com’. The field of journalism involves various positions and categories; the reporters, editors, photojournalists, news directors and many others. With the ever-expanding field, there are journalists who work in various medium.  You can spend the morning working on a story online or edit a news-piece for the papers and later report in front of the camera.

Today, the students find a wide exposure to what a career in journalism can be like thanks to courses offered in photojournalism, TV and the online media. There are quite a few colleges that offer courses in journalism like the Ball State University, Indiana University, University of Florida, and University of Maryland among the best. It is advisable to go for the universities that offer Master’s degree along with the ‘professional practice of journalism’, like the Columbia University and University of California (Berkely). Be sure to pick a college that is accredited by the ACEJMC-Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

While we are still speaking about Journalism, we might as well talk about online Journalism and the courses offered. Writers who are too busy or face a hectic schedule can always opt for the online courses available. This kind of option opens up a wide range of opportunity for people passionate about pursuing their career as writers. Sometimes it is not a good idea to take up college as the courses offered may or may not serve your purpose. The online journalism on a larger scope is also rated as one of the highest paying and demanding of jobs.

Now that you have all the important pointers in hand, be sure to enjoy the field you will be choosing as it can make a lot of difference in the long run.

Urshit Tahir