Study Music – Medicine at Sydney Medical School

From ancient times the healing effect of music has been suggested, for instance Egyptians linked music and medicine.

The positive effects of healing through music have profound impact on health. Doctors all over recognize the power of music on health of the Alzheimer patients to the patients undergoing surgery and it also helps the doctors to be relaxed and focused.

Those who of you are passionate about music and as well wish to earn a degree in medicine can choose to do Music –Medicine at Sydney Medical School. Music Medicine is a unique degree, which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Music Studies and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

This unique combination of music and medicine opens the door for the student to explore a broad musical education before venturing out on medical studies. It provides a link between music, science and medicine and bestows the student with a rare opportunity of being absorbed in the faculty of science and medicine in addition to Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

It is not easy to make it to Sydney Medical School. The entry for this course is highly competitive. The ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) for Music Medicine is 99.5.Admissions is purely based on academic performance NSW Higher School Certificate or equivalent.

The admission criteria have to be met to study at Sydney Medical School which includes ATAR, an audition, which means you have to present your skill in music and semi structured interview, it is a flexible interview pattern, which has a frame work of themes that can be explored.

A student will undertake the first 3 years of study for music studies, followed by studies in medicine. They have to complete the music studies in a minimum time and maintain the credit average in the Bachelor of Music Studies.

The criteria’s that have to be met to remain in the Music Studies – Medicine Program includes:

You should have completed units of study with a total value of minimum 336 credit points.It is important to maintain credit average or above in the first 3 years of the program.

It is necessary to satisfactorily complete zero credit point unit of study in the first 3 years of the program.And also satisfactorily complete subjects in the science faculty which includes Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Music is a powerful tool for health and well being ,it can bring a great transformation in the lives of the patients in conjunction with medicine.