Study Music Therapy Program at Berklee College of Music

Research has shown that music can alter mental states in positive ways and also heal damaged brains.If you are a talented musician and interested to make a difference in the lives of myriad patients, you can choose to do Music Therapy Program at Berklee College of music which is located at Boston, Massachusetts.

It is the world’s premier institution in the field of music; the college is recognized as the school for jazz and popular music.Of the 12 majors offered by Berklee,Music Therapy is one of them.

The college offers accredited Baccalaureate Degree in music therapy ,irrespective of a talented musician’s, age. It concentrates mainly on the contemporary music which includes blues, popular music, jazz, rap and hip-hop rather than classical music study.

Musicians desiring to pursue at Berklee should have potential for music and demonstrate it and also use it as therapeutic tool to enhance the lives of the people deprived of health or laden with disabilities.

The college has diverse group of students, they are from all over the US and from many countries in the world. The students are musically talented, intellectual and creative.

The curriculum is a combination of theory and musical practice. Students are exposed to different clinical settings and special needs to apply music as a therapeutic tool. Some of the reputed hospital and centers where they gain experience includes Dana – Farber cancer institute, McLean hospital, Boston and Cambridge public schools, children’s hospital etc.

A degree in Music Therapy Program has to be approved by American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), including the clinical internship. The student has to pass the National Exam conducted by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

It is a highly gratifying program as it enables you to bring a distinct change in the quality of the life of the people with special needs. You may be intrigued to know how music therapy benefits the individuals.

Well, a trained musician can impact the social, emotional, educational and behavioral development. Music is used as a therapy in healing and wellness of individuals. In every arena of healthcare, music therapy can work wonders whether it is dealing with premature infants, children with ADD, depression or cancer.

A degree in Music Therapy helps you to serve as rehabilitation specialist, music therapist, recreation therapist, expressive art therapist and also as activity directors.

You can find work in general hospitals, child and adolescent treatment centers, psychiatric settings, schools etc.Music Therapy is a growing healthcare field, lucrative with plenty of job opportunities.