Studying At The Fuqua School of Business

The Fuqua School of Business is the business and management school of the Duke University in North Carolina, United States of America. It is one of the most highly ranked business schools in the country as well as the world. It was established in 1969. Currently it has about 878 MBA students and about 80 PhD students.

The Fuqua (which is pronounced as Few-qua) School of Business is a private school and its dean is Blair Sheppard. The school offers a number of degree programs which include, among others, Daytime MBA, Global Executive MBA, Cross Continent MBA, Duke Goethe Executive MBAWeekend Executive MBA, Master of Management Studies etc.

The school also offers a number of non-degree seeking programs as well. The Fuqua School of Business also offers a number of joint degree programs and a PhD program. This article aims to give information about the various programs at the Fuqua School of Business. Read on for more information.

The Fuqua School of Business is extremely competitive to get into, especially for the Daytime MBA program. About 30% of all applicants internationally finally get into the program. An important point to note in this matter, however, is that while most business schools of this stature have reduced their intake over time in order to make entry as competitive as possible, Fuqua School of Business has increased its intake.

This has some advantages which may not be immediately obvious, but are indeed there. One of them is the diversity that this has brought to the class in case of most of the programs the school offers.

The school has the following main faculties:

  • Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Health Sector Management
  • Decision Sciences
  • Accounting
  • Strategy
  • Management communication
  • Marketing
  • Operations management

The Daytime MBA program of the school was ranked 8th in the US in 2008 by BusinessWeek, 10th in the US by Financial Times in 2010 and 20th in the world simultaneously and 14th in the US by the US News and World Report.

The main research centers of the school are:

  • Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Global Capital Markets Center
  • The Fuqua/Coach K Center of Leadership and Ethics
  • Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment
  • Center for Financial Excellence
  • Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Center for International Business Education and Research

The salaries drawn by Fuqua School of Business grads are consistently very high. The base median salary for the class of 2009 was $ 100,000 and the signing bonus was $ 20,000.



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