Studying At The Harvard Law School

The Harvard Law School is the law school of the Harvard University. It is considered to be one of the best law schools in the world. It is a very prestigious institution to study law at and the possibilities post HLS (as the school is sometimes referred to as) are endless. It is a private school established in 1817. This makes the Harvard Law School the oldest continuously operated law school in the US. It is a private school. It has an endowment of 1.7 billion USD and a parent endowment of 26 billion USD. The present dean of the school is Martha Minow.

The Harvard Law School has a faculty strength of around 194. The total student strength of the school is around 1,800. Of these, around 1,680 are in the Juris Doctor program, 150 are in the LLM program and 50 are in the Doctor of Juridical Science program.

The HLS has a bar pass rate of about 94.65 %. This article aims to give information about the Harvard Law School and its various programs. Read on for more.

The campus of the Harvard Law School is located to the north of Harvard Yard. The Harvard Law School houses the largest academic law library in the world. The oldest structure on the HLS campus is the Austin Hall. It was designed by H. H. Richardson and its construction was completed in 1884.

The HLS has a student center called Harkness Commons. It was designed by Walter Gropius and his firm. Apart from these, there is the Langdell Hall which houses the library of the HLS. This hall is the largest structure on the HLS campus. There are also a number of dormitories on campus.

The main degrees offered by the HLS are the Juris Doctor, which is the first degree in law that can be obtained in the United States, the LLM which is a masters degree in law and the SJD or the Doctor of Juridical Science, which is the doctorate degree in law.

Some of the centers and institutes at the HLS include:

  • Berkman Center for Internet and Society

This center was originally located in Harvard Law School. It studies the construction of cyberspace.

  • Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice

This institute is in honour of Charles Hamilton Houston and it primarily deals with the study of current civil struggles. It was established in 2005.

  • Harvard Legal Aid Bureau

The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau is the oldest student-run legal services office in the United States of America. The bureau aims to provide students a feel of the real life applications of the programs at HLS. It was established in 1913.

The HLS is ranked number 2 in the world by the US News and World Report.


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