Studying at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

The Istanbul Technical University is located in Istanbul in Turkey. It is the third oldest technical institute in the world. It not only imparts quality education in the field of technology (engineering), but also in the field of social sciences, which it has added to its plethora of courses recently.

Academics at the Istanbul Technical University follows, to a large extent, the system in the US, where universities have faculties and faculties have two or more departments. Accordingly, here is a list of some of the faculties, and their corresponding departments at the Istanbul Technical University.
Faculty of civil engineering
•    Civil Engineering
•    Geomatic Engineering (former Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering)
•    Environmental Engineering

Faculty of mechanical engineering
•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Manufacturing Engineering

Faculty of electrical and electronic engineering
•    Computer engineering
•    Electrical Engineering
•    Control engineering
•    Electronics engineering
•    Telecommunication engineering
Faculty of mines
•    Mining Engineering
•    Geological Engineering
•    Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
•    Geophysical Engineering

Faculty of chemical and metallurgical engineering
•  Chemical Engineering
•  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Apart from these faculties and their corresponding departments, there are many research centers at the Istanbul Technical University as well. Some of these are:

  • Energy Institute
  • Institute of Informatics
  • Institute of Science and Technology
  • Eurasia Earth Sciences Institutes
  • ARI Technopolis
  • Center for Satellite Communication and Remote Sensing
  • Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and Genetics Research Center (MOBGAM)
  • Rotorcraft Research Center (ROTAM)

The Istanbul Technical University is a state university. There are five campuses of the ITU, located at various places across Istanbul. The main campus is at Maslak. It has a total area of 2.64 sq. km. The other campuses are Tuzla campus, Taskisla campus, Gumussuyu campus and Macka campus. The mode of instruction at the Istanbul Technical University is both in Turkish as well as English. The ratio is 70 % Turkish; 30 % English.

Some of the noted alumni to have come out of the ITU are Orhan Pamuk (Nobel Laureate), Temel Kotil (CEO of Turkish Airlines), Oguz Atay (Novelist), Ahmet Toprak (Director, SF Turkish Radio) etc.

THE – QS World University Rankings 2009 ranks Istanbul Technical University at number 108 in the world and number 1 in Turkey.


I am Deepanjan Datta doing electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, India. I love to write, and develop software programs.