Studying at the Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is sometimes known as the Stanford GSB. It is the business and management division of the world renowned Stanford University. The Stanford GSB was established in 1925.

The school has the motto – ‘To create ideas that deepen and enhance our understanding of management and to develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world’.

The dean of the school is Garth Saloner. The approximate number of students at the school include around 757 MBAs, 2,733 executives (engaging in executive education), 101 PhDs etc. The endowment of the Stanford GSB is $1,005.1 million. This article aims to give information about the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the programs it offers. Read on for more information.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is the most selective business school in the United States of America. Around 6 % of applicants from all over the world finally manage to get in for the MBA program. Another important thing to remember is that the Stanford GSB doesn’t offer MBA with specialization like other b-schools. There is no MBA in Finance, or Human Resource Management, for example. There is only a general MBA program offered by the Stanford GSB.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business, needless to say, features among the top most business schools both in the US as well as the world. In the 2011 US News and World Report rankings, the school was ranked at number 1 in the world (tied with the Harvard Business School).

Even though other rankings don’t rate it at number 1, the 2010 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings ranked the school at number 3 in the US. In rankings of Business Week, the Economist Magazine and Forbes, the Stanford Graduate School of Business has always been ranked among the high top tens in both the US as well as the world.

The Stanford GSB offers a PhD degree as well, in addition to the MBA degree. Entry into the PhD program is no less competitive than it is for the MBA program. Another degree offered by the school is the MS in Management degree.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business has a very illustrious list of faculty and alumni. Among its past and present faculty, there are three Nobel Prize winners, two John Bates Clark Award recipients, three members of the National Academy of Sciences and fifteen members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Among students, there have been numerous Rhodes Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Coro Fellows, Truman Fellows, Gardner Fellows, Soros Fellows and Rotary Fellows. Many leaders of huge corporations are Stanford GSB alumni.



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