Studying At The Technical University Of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark (in Danish Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) is often shortened as DTU. It is one of Europe’s leading technical universities. It is also the best engineering university in Scandinavia.

It was established in 1829 at the behest of Hans Christian Oersted. It is a public university located north of Copenhagen. The chairman of the Technical University of Denmark is Sten Scheibye. The president of the university is Lars Pallesen. The provost is Knut Conradsen.

The deans of the university are Martin P. Bendsoe and Martin Vigild. The director of DTU is Claus Nielsen. The Technical University of Denmark has a staff of around 4,500 of which around 2,250 are researchers. The university has around 7,000 students.

There are around 700 doctoral students at the university. DTU is affiliated to the European University Association (EUA), Concept-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) and Top Industrial Managers for Europe (TIME). This article aims to give some information about the Technical University of Denmark and the programs it offers.

DTU is run by a board consisting of 10 members. Of these, 6 form majority in the board and are chosen from outside the university. Apart from these, 1 member is chosen by the scientific staff at the university, 1 member is chosen by the administrative staff at the university and 2 members are chosen by students. The president of the Technical University of Denmark is appointed by the board. The president appoints deans. There is no faculty governance at the DTU.

The main departments, colleges and schools at the Technical University of Denmark are as follows:

    1. Executive School of Business
    2. Center for Electron Nanoscopy
    3. National Institute for Aquatic Resources
    4. Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
    5. Department of Chemistry
    6. Department of Electrical Engineering
    7. National Food Institute
    8. Department of Environmental Engineering
    9. Department of Systems Biology
    10. Department of Micro and Nano Technology
    11. Department of Mathematics
    12. Department of Photonics Engineering
    13. Department of Physics
    14. Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling
    15. National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy
    16. National Space Laboratory
    17. Department of Transport
    18. National Veterinary Institute

      In 2010, in the engineering category of the QS Subject rankings, the Technical University of Denmark was ranked at number 69 in the world. In the QS World University Rankings, DTU is ranked at number 8in the Nordic region and at number 141 in the world.


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