Studying at the Tepper School of Business

The Tepper School of Business is a business and management school of the Carnegie Mellon University.The school is a private one and has an endowment of around $ 113 million.It was established in 1949. The dean of the Tepper School of Business is Kenneth B Dunn. The school has a faculty strength of around 100. The school has around 428 undergraduate, 826 graduate and 94 doctoral students. The Tepper School of Business is one of the top rated business schools in the US. It offers a wide range of programs with various specializations including finance, operations management, information technology and entrepreneurship.

The school offers undergraduate, graduate as well as doctoral programs (as already clear from the student strength figures). There are numerous executive education programs offered by the school as well. This article aims to give information about the Tepper School of Business (also known as the David A Tepper School of Business) and the various programs it offers. Read on for more information.

An important thing about the Tepper School of Business is that rather than completely teaching its courses based on the case-study method followed by most other schools, at Tepper School of Business, the teaching has a large amount of importance assigned to quantitative skills and theory of management based decision making.

The undergraduate programs at the Tepper School of Business are a four-year degree in business and another four-year degree in economics. There are a variety of majors available for students in the undergraduate business program. Some of these are – Manufacturing management and Consulting, International Management, General Management, Graphic Media Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Computing and Information Technology etc.

For the students in the undergraduate economics program, the main aim of the school is to make economic analysts and the like out of them. Entry into the PhD program of not only the Tepper School of Business but also many other schools is also felicitated by this undergraduate program.

At the graduate level, the Tepper School of Business offers degrees such as MBA, MS in Computational Finance and MS in Quantitative Economics. The MBA is a full-time 2 year program. There is an internship component between the first and second years, which students may decide to forgo in order to study during that period and complete their degree in 16 months.

MBA of Tepper School of Business is one of the most highly rated in the US and also the world.The MS in Computational Finance is widely considered the best in the US. Apart from the degree, there are various certificate courses provided by the Tepper School of Business on this subject as well.

The MS in Quantitative Economics enrolls only graduates of the Carnegie Mellon University. The Tepper School of Business also offers a PhD program. This program aims to create researchers and academicians in the field of business, management, economics and finance.


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