Studying at the Wimbledon College of Arts

The Wimbledon College of Arts is the sixth college member of the University of Arts, in London. The college was first set up in the year 1890 as an art class in the Rutlish School for Boys. Since then, it has grown and developed significantly and joined the University of the Arts London in 2006. It was named the Wimbledon School of Arts ahead of that.

The Wimbledon College of Arts has a long history of being a maven in the education of arts. The education, imparted by it, is subject specific and so there’re 3 specific academic schools- School of Foundation studies, School of Fine Arts and School of Theatre.

Main campus of the college is located on Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon where it moved in the year 1940 with the School of Foundation on Palmerston Road. The unique or world class infrastructure of the college includes a dedicated exhibition area, a large lecture hall, and a Theatre with a seating capacity of 182 people.

The Theatre courses offered by the college are centered around The Wimbledon College of Arts Theatre. It is one of the theatres in the entire Europe that have precisely come up for shows in the round.

The alumni of this theatre have reached the heights of their own chosen fields. A century old history of Wimbledon College of Arts has not only seen the very talented students; but the faculty too boasts of including working professionals and experts in their respective fields.

The Wimbledon College of Arts lays a lot of emphasis on bringing in students from a diverse background giving least significance to sex, age and nationality of the students.

So, the student services of the University of Arts, London helps the students a lot bring together different facets of studying and living in London. The college puts a lot of effort in keeping alive its independent identity and educational culture.

The specialist nature of the courses offered by the college can be understood from the kind of prominence given to research activities and that to practice in art and design. So, if you want excellence in education, then Wimbledon College of Arts is the best one to choose from.


  • Robert Reynolds

    These photographs on the Wimbledon College of Art page are from an entirely different school on the other side of Wimbledon called Wimbledon College which is a Jesuit secondary school.. How do I know? I’m in the picture with all the kids in, and now I study at Wimbledon College of Art