Studying Criminal Law at Birkbeck University

Criminal Law is the branch of legal studies which has a great degree of importance into the legal system with a wide range of application ranging from misdemeanor traffic violations to first degree murder.

Criminal lawyer is a professional who has to deal with the extreme situations of stress while dealing with clients and constituents and the kind of arrangement he works in involves hectic and high workload cases which extends to a long time.

They work in two different professional dimensions which has a role as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Due to the intensiveness and gravity of the issues they have to be well versed with the attorney skills which include negotiation techniques, counseling, investigation, criminal psychology, analyzing and litigation.

To become a recognized criminal lawyer the most important qualification is getting admitted to a good law school. A valuable law education acquired from a reputed law school creates worth that paves way for the aspiring lawyers towards good career prospects.

Birkbeck University of London is one among the reputed law education providers and prepares and awards valuable degree in law for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice LLM after 1 year full time course. The structure of M.A. and L.L.M. degrees offered in the university has the same structure and the dual stream allows the program to be relevant and recognisable within a diverse range of applications in different career segments.

The course runs parallel and the final award is determined prior to the completion with the verdict of the program director.

Apart from the phenomenal career launching concept the criminal law  program is fully integrated with a systematic content analysis and implemented with two compulsory course modules of criminal law theory, contemporary issues in criminal justice, dissertation project, punishment and justice as the main course content.

Optional modules entails crime and criminal in modernity, crime and culture, quantitative methodology and research, trial and youth justice. In addition to it other options can be chosen form the masters program portfolio of the law school.

To get admissions in Birkbeck University and earn the valuable degree in criminal law one needs to hold a good second class degree and the aspirant must have previous scholarly experience in the area or otherwise have a undergraduate experience in the area reflecting the interest encompassed by the course requirements. Excellent English language is also a prerequisite for admission at Birkbeck University law school.