Studying in Germany

Germany houses some of the oldest institutions in Europe. German Universities are powerhouse of knowledge and education, with more than 65 Nobel Prize winners, including Albert Einstein has paved the way for academic excellence combining academics with research.

The education at Germany attracts lots of foreign students, as it has internationally accredited undergraduate and graduate courses leading to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The university combines here research with study.

The traditional route of acquiring a Master’s degree in Germany is having the education of the individual assessed by the international office of the specific university to equate an individual’s qualification to their first degree and find out how many more semesters are required to complete the diploma which is equivalent to a Master’s degree.

In German universities degree program is basically a set of semester programs scheduled to complete within a set time period, it is not the traditional mode of completing a degree program in 3-4 years. Students seeking admission at the German Institutes of Higher education have to take the German Language Proficiency Test.

It has traditional disciplines such as Medicine, Law, English and German to innovative new institutions of higher education with inter –disciplinary study programs. A host of summer courses ranging from Architectural History to Economic Science are offered.

Plethora of language courses is also available to learn German. The language classes enable students to learn regional science, inter –cultural communication or German for special purposes.

Summer course gives an edge to know the typical German life during their stay. The part of the curriculum includes concerts, museums, day trips etc. making the students life enriched with cultural knowledge. Students have to pay for most summer courses, but the advanced students can get scholarship through DAAD.

Earlier there was no tuition fees levied at German universities either for German students or foreign nationals. But now the long term students have to pay tuition fees . Federal States are levying top up fees for students who need more than the regular time to study. The most extensive scholarship is offered by DAAD, the largest of its kind in the world.

Many of the universities in Applied Science in Germany balance the academics for professional careers by offering practical experience in regional companies as part of the curriculum. German companies absorb well trained graduates from abroad. Germany is one of the favored destinations for foreign nationals for pursuing higher education.