Studying Journalism

There are a number of accredited schools and colleges that will provide a quality education in journalism. A degree in journalism from one of the top ranked colleges will prepare your for an exciting career ahead. You can choose any of the specialized streams and embark on a successful career.

Associate of Applied Science

You can enroll in an accredited associate degree training program and you will earn an Associate of Applied Science or A.S. This level of education requires only two years of study. The coursework is variable but will include editing, printing and research methods.

When you are armed with an associate degree from an accredited institution you can choose from a great number of career options. You can get employed as a reporter or a public relations specialist. If you go on to do a bachelor’s degree program, you will complete proper training.

Bachelor of Science

You can enroll in a Bachelor of Science (B.S) program to further your education in the field of journalism. You must complete four years of training in order to be eligible for the coveted degree. The coursework will include studies in advertising design, professional writing and news. Once trained, you can get employed as a reporter or a program director. In case you want pursue further education then you can enroll in a accredited master degree program in journalism.

Master of Arts

When you are trying to make a career in journalism it makes sense to complete a master’s degree program in this field. The accredited master’s degree program can be completed in just two years. The main areas of study would be mass communication, journalism law and media management. You can get specialized training in the course of your degree program. This will help you to get the job of your dreams.

Before enrolling for any program you must ensure that the college is fully accredited by the concerned authorities. This will ensure that you get the best education for a rewarding career ahead. The main accrediting agency is the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. You must research a lot of available programs and then decide which the right one for you is.