Suffolk University in Madrid

Many universities at an international level are coming to recognition. Students need high and good quality education which these universities provide. Suffolk University is one of the big American universities that have its branches in Europe and Africa. The American campus is in Boston, Massachusetts which is America’s largest leaning institute. And the African campus is located at Dakar. The Madrid campus of Suffolk University is located in the center of the city. This provides an easy access for students to everything.

Around 150 Students enroll for courses in Suffolk University of Madrid come from Spain, other European countries and other parts of the world. Professors try to attend every single student and give individual guidance to all of them. Students here are also curious to know more about the subject and gain more knowledge. Proper guidance is given to students to adapt to the Spanish culture and there is no language barrier as Spanish is taught to the international students.

Suffolk University makes available modern class rooms to all the students. These classrooms are fully equipped with modern technology. High speed internet facility is provided so that the students can browse internet and gain more knowledge and socialize. Library having all sorts of books, CD’s is available for all students here. A knowledgeable academic advisor is assigned to each student so that the students can prepare themselves for their study tour.

Besides great academic career ahead, students here at Madrid can also participate in non-academic activities such as film, music and theater activities. This helps the students in relaxing themselves and socializing with other students of the university. The supportive and intimate atmosphere provided at Suffolk University of Madrid helps students to gain as much knowledge they can. Suffolk has outstanding academic program to all its students where they can gain proper knowledge of their subject and can stand ahead in the outer world.

First two years of the bachelor’s degree course, students have to study in the Madrid Campus of Suffolk University and to complete the degree course they have to go to Boston campus. This is a part of strategic selection of courses offered in Boston campus. This helps students to pursue their own academic career as they want to.