Summer Jobs Or Internship A Life Time Experience For Students

Summer Jobs Before you start looking for summer jobs it is important to know what summer jobs are. The jobs which generally students look for during summer vacations are known as summer jobs.

Definition of Summer Jobs

Generally during summers there is a long break in colleges and schools and during that time student’s look for some work which can give then some money and work experience. Such jobs are known as summer jobs. Mostly the vacations are from one and half month to two months and these jobs are also for short term only. In some companies it is considered as intern ship too. Some people call it as part time job too, but since it is done during summers’ so it is called summer job.

The best part is that the small amount of money that students earn while working for summer jobs give them a life time experience and these summer jobs are the best way to get such kind of experience. If you are self confident, ener4getic and want to prove yourself, then a short term job of your choice is waiting for you out there during this summer.

Benefits of summer job

It has become a necessity for students to look for s summer job these days because when you start looking for a job after completing graduation or 10+2 then these summer jobs mentioned in your resume act as very important things in your personality. This experience which you can mention in your resume can be best had with a summer job.

Instead of just wasting your vacations by gossiping around with your friends or just loitering around it is better to get engaged in a nice summer job and utilise your time in something meaningful.

The earlier you start earning money the faster you will understand the importance of money in life and you will become more responsible too.
If you ar4e working along with your studies then you will learn how to manage your time efficiently, because you have to finish your work as well as studies in limited amount of time . SO summer job will make you an efficient time manager.

If you want to do some extra course or want to buy something for yourself then you can earn and spend the money earned from your summer job without troubling your parents.

Summer jobs a need for successful career

In Western countries mostly the students keep themselves busy in a summer job on their own, but in our country there is no such trend. In India the tradition is that the parents or the guardian has to earn the money for the whole family and the children have to just concentrate on their studies. But the parents forget that if their child will not have any experience of how to earn money then how he will survive the competition after completing his studies.

They will have to face numerous problems when they will start looking for a job without any experience. SO if you get an opportunity to work for 1-2 months in any company then do not let this opportunity slip out of your hand, because it will prepare you for working in near future by giv9ng you practical experience about your future job.

This is not it the kind of exposure you will get of the corporate world will make you confident, which is a necessity to be successful in the corporate world. The money you will earn may not be a big amount but you can deposit in the bank and by the time you complete your graduation you will be having a good bank balance, which will give you moral support too.

How to look for summer job

Generally you can find a vacancy for a summer job in the newspaper and some companies put the requirement notice on the college notice board too. If you are looking for such kind of summer job then you will need time, research and planning to find a good summer job. So it is better that you start looking for the summer job 1-2 months before your summer vacations. Some basic things you need to take care of before finding a summer job:

Try to look for such job which is of your interest. Try to gather all the information related to that job and research the information about the company too.

Prepare a nice resume along with an impressive cover letter too. Prepare for the interview of the job confidently. After giving the interview do not forget to send a thank you letter to the employer.

Look for the job of your interest

If you are a commerce student and you have landed up doing a summer job in a museum or an art gallery then definitely you will get bored after some time. But if you will find a job in chartered accountancy firm then you will definitely love doing it and enjoy working with the company.

Before finding a job just ask few questions to your self. Whether you will like this job and enjoy doing it? Whether you want to spend your holidays travelling and having fun or you want to earn and gain some experience for your future? DO you like travelling and are you self confident? How much money do you want to earn from this summer job?

Research you need to do

If you will know the detailed profile of the company it will be helpful in facing the interview confidently. Doing a thorough research about the company will help you in finding a nice summer job too. You can contact the placement cell of your college or can talk to your seniors about the summer job. The elders in your family can also help you by using their contacts in the corporate world to get good summer job.

Resume and Cover letter

Be it a full time or part time job the importance of an impressive resume and cover letter cannot be ignored, so take an expert advice to make a nice resume so that you can highlight your qualities in the resume. Internet can also help in making a good resume.

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